Ecopilot and BG Energy Solutions are delighted to announce that they have today entered into a partnership agreement for BG Energy Solutions to distribute Ecopilot in the UK.

Since it’s launch in Sweden Ecopilot, a division of Latour, has helped nearly 1,000 buildings to reduce their carbon emissions and energy bills. All an end user needs is a BMS system, the more sophisticated the better, and Ecopilot will use a number of constantly varying data sources and the thermal mass of the building itself to vastly reduce the bought energy consumed by the system.

BG Energy Solutions, Managing Director, Gareth Barber said of the deal, ‘We are constantly looking for innovative, new, but proven products and technologies to offer our customer base. Ecopilot fits the bill perfectly as it adds value for pretty much everyone with a BMS system.’

BG Energy Solutions roots lie clearly in the building controls arena. They offer experienced, impartial and expert guidance and were recently awarded the prestigious ‘Best Service and Maintenance Provider’ by the Building Controls Industry Association (BCIA).

Ecopilot have recently entered the UK marketplace and this deal is the first of a select few that will ensure organisations are properly informed of the benefits an Ecopilot system can offer. ‘We have a very sophisticated technical division in Sweden that understand that the biggest energy saving opportunity isn’t just about turning systems on but often comes from knowing when to turn things off without any negative impact!’ said Nick Kirby, Managing Director, Ecopilot UK.

Editors notes:

– Ecopilot saves energy by utilizing the free heat supplied to the building every day through computers, staff, lighting, etc. This heat is stored in the building’s walls, floors and ceilings as well as furnishings and thus the building works as a big thermos.
– Ecopilot coordinates the installed systems and takes into account the reality in terms of thermal storage capacity, indoor temperature, air quality and weather forecasts.
– Ecopilot also contributes to a more even indoor climate. Why waste resources by warming at night time and cooling during the day? Who drives a car by pressing the on the brake and the accelerator at the same time? By utilizing the building’s ability to store energy, Ecopilot offers huge savings.
– The technology is proven and has in turn led to overall average energy savings of c25%

For more information contact:

Nick Kirby, Managing Director, Ecopilot UK Ltd
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Gareth Barber, Managing Director, BG Energy Solutions
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